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  • ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    It is once again ZineQuest on Kickstarter, and I am not let down. It’s probable that I say something like this every year. However, there really is a fantastic collection of stuff I’m excited about. ZineQuest is great for multiple reasons. Before I begin, I hope this isn’t interpreted as me being opposed to larger…

  • I’m Gonna Be, a review

    I’m Gonna Be, a review

    Like many people, I’ve been forced away from the gaming table, but still want to play games. How else are we supposed to pass all that alone time? You can only watch so much television, and eventually the itch to start rolling dice and telling stories creeps back up on you. Fortunately, there are solo…

  • The Artefact, A Review

    The Artefact, A Review

    *Available for purchase via download at itch.io Stuck at home with due to social distancing? Maybe you’ve just got a really busy schedule and need something to do on your own? If you’re a gamer, now is as good a time as any to try a solo RPG-something like The Artefact by Jack Harrison. This…

  • Zinequest ate my money

    Zinequest ate my money

    Zinequest is in it’s second year, and is, in my opinion, a great success.