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Star Trek was visionary, except for…

Star Trek is a science-fiction gem. A gift that keeps on giving. Its simple, yet powerful concept about space exploration in the name of science and discovery is a brilliant idea. There are even technologies from the show that have inspired people ever since the very first series aired so many years ago. Tablets anyone?…

Bardcore, medieval musical fun

It can be a lot of fun to simply dig into piles of information in search of gems. This was the case for me the other day when I was playing with a music streaming service. Completely by accident, I typed my way into playlists of music called, “Bardcore”. Just the name made me laugh…

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  • What do they read in space?

    There is nothing like a shortlist to invite debate. So, in honor of Space Opera, I offer a short list of suggested reading to help flesh out the sub-genre of science fiction. This is essentially homework for anyone that wants to play a sci-fi RPG. The novels came well before the games, and the themes… Read more

  • Art of Sci-Fi

    Art inspires. For Table top games, this is absolutely true. Any game book you pick up will likely have some kind of artwork, even if it is only the cover, that is evocative of the game itself. Often the art continues inside the book, and represents the tone of the game. Often games use fiction… Read more

  • Adding to a core system

    One of the things that struck me while reading the core rule book for Hunt the Wicked has been that there is a lot of room for supplemental material. Specifically, in terms of settings. The core book does a great job of laying out a general world in which the players will find their characters, but… Read more

  • Space Opera inspiration

    I’ll let this one speak for itself…     Read more

  • Narrative gaming, Hunt the Wicked

    image by proxygreen from deviantart Now I may be wrong, but as I read through Hunt the Wicked the game is very tilted towards narrative. Throughout the rules the game itself is described in the same capacity as if one were writing a story. “Here’s how you talk about setting…”, “Here’s how you talk about… Read more

  • What is Space Opera?

    Fiction, and gaming which is more important for Pulp Culture Museum, has a lot of different flavors to choose from. Whether or not a person accepts the divisions or discussions of quality is a debate for another post. For the sake of the current blog posts on #RPGaMonth, I’d like to focus on science-fiction, and… Read more

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