Beyond the confines of the Pulp Culture Museum, I am diligently trying to carve a space for myself via the written word. Projects that are completed, and see the light of day are consolidated here. This list is not exhaustive, but will only include works that speak to the mission of Pulp Culture Museum.

Easton, Ellen A. and Easton, Robert W., editors. The Games We Play. Easton Tales Publishing. 2023.

  • Available via PubShare or Amazon (available as an eBook or softcover)
  • This is a collection of stories that were inspired by tabletop role-playing games. My entry is ‘A Wistful Encounter’.
  • Star Trek was visionary, except for…

    Star Trek was visionary, except for…

    Star Trek is a science-fiction gem. A gift that keeps on giving. Its simple, yet powerful concept about space exploration in the name of science and discovery is a brilliant idea. There are even technologies from the show that have inspired people ever since the very first series aired so many years ago. Tablets anyone?… Read more

  • Bardcore, medieval musical fun

    Bardcore, medieval musical fun

    It can be a lot of fun to simply dig into piles of information in search of gems. This was the case for me the other day when I was playing with a music streaming service. Completely by accident, I typed my way into playlists of music called, “Bardcore”. Just the name made me laugh… Read more

  • Everyone appears set on abandoning D&D 5e, even WotC

    Everyone appears set on abandoning D&D 5e, even WotC

    The OGL is on its way out or will be mutating into a form that no one recognizes anymore. The army of 3rd party publishers and content creators began separating themselves from D&D once it became clear that the rumoured OGL changes were actually real. What happens next for all of those people that were… Read more

  • ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    ZineQuest 5, or “Goodbye bank account!”

    It is once again ZineQuest on Kickstarter, and I am not let down. It’s probable that I say something like this every year. However, there really is a fantastic collection of stuff I’m excited about. ZineQuest is great for multiple reasons. Before I begin, I hope this isn’t interpreted as me being opposed to larger… Read more

  • Infinity Deck Locations, review

    This was originally written for The British Fantasy Society. Role-playing games always have locations; stories need settings. Sometimes situations arise that mean a little extra help is needed if a game heads in a direction that maybe wasn’t planned for. To that end, Modiphius has published a deck of locations to help ease the anxiety that comes… Read more

  • Do games have elements that they absolutely need?

    Do games have elements that they absolutely need?

    There are books upon books upon books written about writing. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, or pretty much anything a person can think of. Someone somewhere wrote a text about proper writing. Those same books don’t necessarily apply to tabletop roleplaying, or do they? Yes, grammar is essential. Yes, style matters. And good gravy, please make… Read more

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