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  • What’s old is old

    What’s old is old

    There is probably nothing more over-stated than trying to make old things new again. In the weird world of geekdom, that could be all kinds of things such as OSR tabletop role-playing games or retro video games. The thing is, these aren’t new things, they’re old. Probably one of the biggest examples is retro video…

  • Final Fantasy 6 (Boss Fight Books), a review

    Final Fantasy 6 (Boss Fight Books), a review

    There probably isn’t a series of games that has ever captured my imagination quite like the Final Fantasy series. I have sat and played most of the games, although I have admittedly not touched the MMOs. They are well-conceived games and merit discussion in their own right, but for me, and I suspect many others,…

  • Video games: the best/worst popular medium?

    Video games: the best/worst popular medium?

    This is really just a short note, and something I’ve been reflecting on ever since I saw the news that video games, as a global industry, were topping other forms of mass media in dollars per year. And yes, video games most definitely qualify for the mass media tag. Despite the obvious popularity of the…