• Hunt the Wicked

    Hunt the Wicked

    For my first read for the #RPGaMonth challenge, I’ve decided to take on the space opera RPG of Hunt the Wicked. Despite it’s popularity in literature, science fiction often seems like a marginal genre for role-playing games. This is almost certainly the case next to the juggernaut that is fantasy role-playing. However, sci-fi offers all… Read more

  • A year of RPG

    This year, I’ll be participating in “RPG a Month”. This is where people read through stuff they have in their RPG collection, but that that they just haven’t taken the time to get to yet. I first learned about this from a blogger named Moe Tousignant. I imagine this challenge is not something he invented,… Read more

  • A note on The Ennies

    As is the way of GenCon, awards are bestowed during the Ennie Awards. This year, as I was looking over the nominees, and the actual award winners I was struck by a sort of paradox. On one hand, the hobby has really moved on from Dungeons & Dragons. On the other hand, it is as… Read more

  • Begin at the beginning…

    While most people might think a post about the RPG world would begin with a definition  about the hobby, they’re right. However, the beginning for me was not the beginning of the hobby. It was, in fact, about 15 years after role-playing games had been created. For me the beginning wasn’t really the beginning, and… Read more

  • About Pulp Culture Museum

    A few words about this site Read more

  • First blog post

    This is the excerpt for your very first post. Read more