The quest for fifty subscribers

Pulp Culture Museum is a passion project. I do it because I like the subject matter. To underscore that point, I operate this site at a financial loss.

Yet, I want the museum to develop further. As interest in one of my favourite lifelong pastimes evolves and the fan base grows, so does the opportunity for new people at the gaming table. This is the goal, isn’t it?

We all want people to enjoy our hobby, or hobbies with us. Most of the content on this site is oriented around or towards tabletop role-playing games. There’s space for other topics, but the majority of the content deals with that particular subject. I hope that readers enjoy what I’ve been writing.

As of the time of this writing, I have 31 people signed up to receive an update every time I post an article. I’d love to be able to build on that number, but not because I make money when my subscriber threshold hits a certain point. I don’t have sponsorships, clicks for revenue, monetization links, or anything at all that generates revenue for Pulp Culture Museum. None of those things factored into starting up this site. Instead, I just want to stimulate conversation. The more people reading what I write, the more conversation can take place. That’s all.

If you know someone that might like what I’ve been doing here, please send them a link. If you’ve been following along, thank you, and I hope you all stick around as this site moves forward. I have all kinds of ideas for PCM. I’d love it if those ideas are realized with as many people as possible.






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