A brief year-in review of Pulp Culture Museum

It is the end of December, and so it is the end of 2022. That seems like a good opportunity to reflect on how Pulp Culture Museum did this year. While I don’t have any key statistics or what have you, I thought it would be worthwhile to see what stood out when I started going over the site’s data for the last year.

What is most important to me is that I hit my targets for the site. I had early on decided that I wanted at least 52 posts up by the close of 2022. I produced exactly that amount of content. Granted, I had to clutter the backend of the year with more posts than I might have liked, but in the end, I arrived at my goal. This is what happens you arrive late to the party, as I did this year because I began posting articles well into the year.

Also, I wanted to receive at least 365 views by the end of the year. I did that. There was an average of one view per day of the site. Maybe there were some bots, but I generated the activity I wanted for the calendar year. I won’t pat myself on the back, but I achieved what I set out to do.

Top Posts by View

Most Like Post

There was a five-way tie for most liked. The people who follow this site are few but loyal.

Activity by Country

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom / China (these two seem to keep changing places)

For the year ahead I’d like to recreate the level of productivity I had this year. However, I’d like to add two things to the site. First, I will make it a point to add content in a language other than English. Second, I will add downloadable content. I have some ideas of gaming aids that I can put a Creative Commons label on and offer free to people who want to make use of them. Who knows? If there’s enough demand maybe I can even put something up that can be purchased.

As a final thought, I just want to thank the people that came and read my scribbles for the year. It’s nice to have goals, but if there isn’t an audience it isn’t possible. I appreciate that people came to see what thoughts were going on in the dark alleys of my mind. I hope you all have a great holiday season and will continue exploring the Pulp Culture Museum in 2023.





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