Brilliant actors reading a classic poem

Halloween is just around the corner, and there is no time like the present to dig into the public domain archives to see what we can find. One of my personal favourites is Edgar Allan Poe. His stories and poetry strike the perfect chord this time of year.

Yet, to truly do them justice, it takes a professional. What is probably one of Poe’s most famous poems is The Raven, and it captures so much of what made Poe a fantastic author. For full effect, consider having a listen to the versions read by actors Christopher Lee or Vincent Price.

Both actors were known for their distinct voices. Lee’s deep booming voice carried him through his eclectic career, and it is a fantastic accompaniment to The Raven. He casts a wonderfully serious and sombre tone for the poem, and his reading works extremely well to bring the text to life.

Alternatively, there is another version by Vincent Price. Most of Price’s acting career was in horror, specifically lower-budget horror movies. Over the decades, he became an icon of the genre. His voice possesses a distinctly creepy tone which contributes strongly to the atmosphere of the poem. Personally, I think Poe would have been proud, and I have a slight preference for Price’s reading.

For anyone that would like to read the poem on its own, it can be found here, and in many other places. (Check your library!)





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