Star Trek Adventures: Enterprise Player Characters

*Originally published at British Fantasy Society

One of the fun aspects of playing a game that already exists as a movie, television show, or in any other medium is that there is the chance to rewrite how things could have gone. Ever watch an episode of any show, perhaps Star Trek Enterprise, and say something like, “that’s a terrible choice, what they should have done was…”? Well, now is the perfect chance to test those ideas! Modiphius has published an affordable supplement that gives fans of the show pre-generated characters for Captain Archer and his crew.

Within this brief supplement are the crew of the Enterprise. It’s short and focused, only including the characters needed for the supplement. There are enough characters for players to pick one, and still have crew members leftover that can function as NPCs. Modiphius even statted out the Enterprise among the characters-a nice touch. 

 The book is extremely attractive visually. Cover to cover, it’s quality vibrant full-color art. In keeping with other products in the Star Trek Adventures line, the publisher kept the standards high. There’s a nice little introduction to set up the supplement so it isn’t just a compilation of characters. Additionally, each character has a short paragraph outlining who they are and their role onboard the ship. It’s a nice touch that deftly adds a bit of personality, and background to each of the characters.

Something that might have been nice would have been suggestions for character progression if players had wanted to emulate the show. How might the characters grow under players’ control, but in a manner similar to what a viewer might see on television? This would have been a small way to let players even more fully immerse themselves in the show.The product has limited use, but that’s kind of the point. These characters are pre-made to take the guesswork as well as prep work out of people’s schedules. They were made to suit a specific purpose, and they don’t really leave anyone purchasing them wanting for more. While the characters feel a bit static, players should feel empowered to put their own unique spin on each member of Captain Archer’s crew as the adventures progress at the gaming table. If you’re a fan of this iteration of Star Trek, then this is a solid addition to your collection.





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