Some selected stories by H.P. Lovecraft (Public Domain works incoming!)

There is an absolute treasure trove of media available in the public domain. Among these somewhat forgotten about creations, is a heap of classic genre fiction. What’s incredible about these old speculative works is that these books and magazines are where a lot of renowned authors got their start.

Once upon a pulpy time, Weird Tales was at the top of the genre heap. This was a notable rag for having published, among others, Howard Philips “H.P.” Lovecraft. After preparing my article on setting in Lovecraft’s work, I thought it would be a good idea to make some of his works available to anyone who might be interested. It’s easier to consider setting if you have examples to look at, right?

The Call of CthulhuWeird Tales, vol 11 no. 2 1928-02, retrieved from Internet Archive

The Lurking FearWeird Tales, vol 11 no. 6 1928-06, retrieved from Internet Archive

DagonWeird Tales, vol 2 no. 3 1923-10, retrieved from Internet Archive

Alternatively, as opposed to the individual magazines listed above that offer individual samples of Lovecraft’s work, (and those of other writers) how about a whole public domain collection? Well, look no further! The lovely website, Standard eBooks has a fantastic anthology of Lovecraft’s short fiction in one tidy digital volume.

Short Fiction by H.P. Lovecraft from Standard eBooks

This text is available in different formats beyond epub, so it should suit most machines people might want to use for reading the book. Happy reading, and please explore and support the non-profit organizations working diligently to get these items to you. Also, libraries will have Lovecraft’s work. I’d be willing to bet my dessert on this. Thank you for stopping by this museum!





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