All reading is worth it!

Originally found on Book Riot, ‘What is worthwhile reading?’, by Cassie Gutman

Determining what to read is a daunting but fun task, unless it’s an obligation, then it’s something else entirely. However, when you’re making a choice about to read, everything should be fair game. There should be no shame in picking up something that people derisively write-off as not being worth your time.

I read the piece by Cassie Gutman in Book Riot, and I’m basically in agreement. Too bad she didn’t elaborate, because it’s important for people to feel comfortable with the books they choose. So many people feel awkward about their preferences with reading that they second guess themselves, and I say this as a professional because I’m a librarian. I see this happen all the time. People will sheepishly admit to liking something, but then act like it’s a guilty pleasure. Nonsense!

You like what you like, and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. No one should. Genre fiction in particular bears the stigma of “reading that isn’t worth your time”, but this needs to change. Next time you feel like you’ve picked something up that others might feel is silly, I say take that thing, and strut. Don’t judge yourself or your reading, just enjoy it because it’s what you wanted. You’ll never derive as much pleasure by forcing yourself to reading a so-called classic just because it’s supposed to be an amazing book. Sometimes they are, and sometimes your time could have been better spent. All of this is to say, indulge in your preferences for reading.





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