Infinity: Ariadna, RPG supplement review

*This was originally posted on the British Fantasy Society Website.

The Ariadnans are descendants of survivors and now vie for respect within the Human Sphere. The book presents a young civilization that grew up out of a re-discovered population most had left for dead. Modiphius’ supplement for Infinity explores the planet Dawn, and its place within the Human Sphere.

The nation of Ariadna is named after the ship that carried explorers deep into space, but the expedition was cut off from the rest of civilisation. Ultimately forgotten, the progeny of those lost explorers created a civilization largely comprising several cultures from Earth (Russia, Scotland, USA, and France). 

At times this is an extremely detailed text with notes pertaining to architecture, art, anthropology, biology, history, and more making this book a valuable addition for people that read the primary material and thought Ariadna intriguing. In this respect, the book does not disappoint.

There are options specific to this supplement that allow players to create characters originating on Dawn. The book includes Dog Bowl, a sport that exists on Dawn and describes it as a unique cultural phenomenon. Additionally, the book incorporates prejudice against the “dog-blooded” as part of what makes Ariadna the unique place that it is, and the book elaborates on that and more.

Unfortunately, the Earth nations that comprise Ariadna are defined through contemporary cliches, i.e., the arrogant French drink wine and prize refined aesthetics. While the authors tried to portray the negative impact isolation had on the Ariadnans, the overall effect of this section detracts from book by relying somewhat on stereotypes. Considering what else this book had to offer, I felt that the bar could have been set higher regarding this content. Additionally, some, not all, of the book’s artwork features miniatures from the wargame, rather than commissioned art. 

Overall, the book builds on the core text, and in a very digestible size. Ariadna is itself a fantastic plot hook, whether it’s a one-shot or an extended campaign. While the warts are visible, much like the Ariadnan’s unrefined teseum rich planet of Dawn, this supplement is ripe to be mined for game content.





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