Infinity: Haqqislam. RPG Supplement review

*Originally posted at the British Fantasy Society Website

The religion of Islam has taken on new principles, and re-invented itself, Haqqisam. The Haqqislamites took to the stars, deep into space ending at Bourak. By carefully terraforming the planet, the Haqqisamites have crafted for themselves a beautiful home on a previously uninhabitable planet. This addition to Modiphius’ line of products for Corvus Belli’s Infinity provides gamers with information on a small, but powerful and important member of the Human Sphere.

The Haqqislam supplement paints an intriguing picture of a society that is, due largely to Silk, a significant presence, and opulently wealthy member of the Human Sphere. The incorporations of quasi-institutionalized assassins and assassinations were surprises, as was the inclusion of corsairs. Incorporating corsairs is an especially fun idea, because it makes it possible to have state-sanctioned piracy in the game. I had expected this book to focus much more on the technological developments associated with Silk.  

At one point, there was concern that the book would veer off into describing the residents of Bourak in a sort of “desert trader” pastiche, but it never came to fruition. There is, however, an area where the book could have been stronger. All throughout the text, the book speaks to layers of social class and the power of the political elite, but never really added in substantive ways to make these ideas more gameable. The means of leveraging the benefits of having the kind of social capital associated with wealth and a network of powerful allies could have really been interesting, especially when piracy and assassination are more or less endorsed by the government. 

The Haqqislam supplement  puts a unique twist on Islam that showed the religion to be a living thing in a space opera setting, and how the ideas fit into the Human Sphere. The material in this book lends itself to activities all throughout the Human Sphere. Silk is ubiquitous and definitely a part of what makes the world of Infinity unique. By extension, so are the Haqqislamites. The book is a strong addition to Infinity, and leaves you wanting more, but in a good way.







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