Blowing the dust off this thing

Recently, I’ve had the urge to begin writing again. To indulge that impulse, I’ve taken up two projects, and now I’ll be back to blogging.

It feels good to have a creative outlet, and in the time since I last posted on this blog a lot has happened in the world of pulp culture. While there are all kinds of Twitter mobs and scandal, there are a lot of things to celebrate as well. I’d like to pick this stuff back up, and talk a bit about what’s been going on in the world of pulp culture, and share my own work over the last 6-8 months.

Among the things I’ve been involved in are writing book reviews for the kind people over at the British Fantasy Society. I’ll be posting those up on my site, as well other reviews from them.

Kickstarter’s Zinequestis up and running again, and there is some amazing stuff going up. I’ll be backing at least something as soon as I figure out what. There’s just an incredible amount of stuff there.

Plus, there are always odds and ends to look over. I’m happy to be back at the keyboard, and look forward to posting. Hope you all enjoy the content!





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