Gaming on my mind continued

Right, so now the heavy lifting. I took off last night, but I’m back on the blog.  Essentially, the best place to start is with the core mechanics. That means, probably, things that pertain to dice.

Therefore, I present what should be most important, making the game playable. I used to wonder why so many games made use of d6s, but now that I’ve been gaming longer, I get it. They’re probably the most common die at someone’s home. It would make the most sense if a game made use of a d6 rather than a d10 which has to be purchased from a specialty store.

The trick here is making sure the dice can be used to their utmost. This also explains why there so many games based around d6. A roll of a 5 or a 6 is a success. A roll under a d6 that is based a score of up to 6 is a success. This stuff makes perfect sense. People are already familiar with using a d6. As a base die, it offers a lot.

Then again, it’s a little boring. In Numenera by Monte Cook Games, the core mechanic is mostly based a single 1d20, and d6s. It’s clear Monte was thinking about this stuff, and I empathize.

The problem is that, like I said, a d6 is a bit boring. There are other ways of pushing games forward with dice. Using a d6 almost seems like an escape, but a completely reasonable one.






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