D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 28

Truth be told, I don’t know that I’ve ever given up on a PC. Rather, every time I’ve joined a game I’ve been asked to roll a character up from scratch. I probably have a whole army of low-level characters for various RPGs.

It would be fun to actually pick some of them up and run with them again. Oddly, I have NPCs that I feel like I’ve played more than some of the characters I’ve rolled up. Sometimes I’ve been forced to park those characters various places. Oddly, than often stings a bit.

The thing is, I haven’t sworn off playing these characters. It just so happens that I need them to return to an inn in search of work as a mercenary of some kind or another. It begs the question, when would a person be forced to put a character away?

What would cause such a thing to happen?

Do they become to powerful? Do they get bad rolls to frequently, but somehow never die? Did the pencil just run out lead? I just don’t know how someone could be forced to abandon a character. I keep thinking that maybe it could be that they group doesn’t like the PC, but that seems almost unfair.

At any rate, I’ve been fortunate enough to never find myself in this position. Maybe one day, but hopefully not. I’d like to think  can play a character until its time to retire them, or they fall in the course of game.






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