D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 25

A single magic item? No way. I can’t possibly choose a single magic item as my favorite. Its unfair even to ask. Isn’t the whole purpose of trekking about fantasy landscapes the goal accumulating all kinds of treasure?

One thing I don’t like is omnipotent weapons. Too much is simply too much. Even when it comes to magic which defies logic anyway.

Frankly, I prefer the low fantasy approach to magic. Not because I like the so-called “grittiness” of the setting, but because magic is scarce. The reason I like this is that, the magic really matters. Those little bonuses, no matter how small, make a difference. Truthfully, they can make the difference in all kinds of situations. These are the kinds of items I like best. The ones that tip the scales in your favor, or do something really cool, but don’t end up being out of proportion to the rest of the game.

There are all kinds of ways to do this, and no one individual solution. Magic is one of the big draws in fantasy gaming, and items can hold on to those powers indefinitely are clearly attractive targets for players to chase after.

The only real issue is making sure the items don’t over power the game. Otherwise, there is no One Ring to rule them all. At least not in my opinion. I think magic items are great in small doses, and when diverse. Never more the merrier. Just let them be a part of the game world, and have fun with it.






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