D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 24

Nothing says magical fun like other meaningless looking spells. By this, I mean cantrips. I love cantrips.


Because cantrips allow creativity and fun. They don’t really do significant damage. Nor are they ever overwhelmingly powerful. Right, so what’s the point then?

Cantrips can impact a game in small ways. Spells like, Ghost Sounds, Prestidigitation, or Light are all really useful spells. Each and every one can and will impact a game. Need a torch, use light. I guarantee this spell will get used. Same with prestidigitation. What better way to steal a key? Ghost Sounds? How about a diversion when guards might be looking for your group?

All of these spells get used, and all the time. I love them. Not only are they useful, but finding ways to work them into games are always interesting. Seeing players figure out how to make use of cantrips really shows who is at the table. `It’s a great way to bring out the most in players.

Also, weak spells demonstrate something I love about RPGs. It isn’t the ability to throw fireballs that makes the games fun. Its how the players make the most of the characters. Cantrips are a brilliant way to show this off. Don’t believe me? Try it!

I can more or less guarantee early games will be fueled by how creative a player can be with low-level abilities. Chief among these are cantrips. This is where a player really learns how to use magic, not by slaying foes, but by influencing the game in subtle ways.






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