D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 15

“Unnnghhh…” says the creature as it makes its way into the campsite, sinking its teeth into the first thing that moves. The crowd screams and scatters, as the young man struggles with less and less vigor as he’s taken down.

The walking dead may be a comic book, a tv show, a horror staple, and are a major component of tabletop gaming. I’ve run whole campaigns around undead, and really I have no preference here. Zombies, ghouls, and more. Honestly, when it comes to horrific monsters like undead, the more the merrier. You really can’t ask for creatures that suit adventuring better. Maybe a few, but undead are kind of always a staple.

Choosing the right past-its-prime creepy creature is important. They all have different traits, and really don’t fit all situations. All of them crave the living though. Anytime you need a sort of hostile automaton to chase after the PCs, undead are the choice.

Zombies if you need mindless shock troops. Ghouls if you need something with a little more autonomy. Vampires if you need something more political, but brilliantly sinister. There are just a lot of options, and stories can move in all kinds of directions.

Perhaps one of the best things about undead is making sure there’s a reason to use them. Then again, you can just do what you like. Like any game, make it your own. Even if your own is a living dead creature feature.






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