D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 11

Almost forgot to post this one.

My favorite adventure that I ran…

Tough call. I’d have to say this was a game for people new to Pathfinder. I know. Not D&D, but it sort of is a close enough variant that I’m putting it. Why not?

Anywho, the game was straightforward. A cave is discovered, and the group is asked to explore it. Simple enough, and that was on purpose. It was a chance to incorporate various rules into the game for sake of teaching it. Honestly, I had a blast.

The players and I had a constant dialogue throughout the whole game. Everyone got to ask questions, and the table was open and available for everyone to participate as they wanted.

I know, this isn’t really about the quest, but sometimes it isn’t the actual adventure that matters. Sometimes, it’s just the flow of the game itself. Even if you have experienced gamers at the table, things don’t always flow smoothly.

I guess this could even be built up into a more general statement. Gaming is great when playing the game is great. What really matters is that every gets together and has a good time. Everything else is extra.

There isn’t one perfect module that makes gaming great. There isn’t a specific game or game-world. What makes gaming great is being at the table with other people. Whatever helps make that collaborative experience enjoyable, that, that is what makes the game great.






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