D&D 30 Challenge Day 10, Craziest in-game experience

Crazy in table-top gaming could take many forms. It could be the players, the game, or something else, such as the space the game is being played in. For my part, the craziest thing in the game though is simply the game itself.

Every so often, I sit to play, and somehow have players who want to try to break the game. Every so often though, the game breaks itself. I’ve seen it said that designers can’t account for everything, and I’ve seen first hand that this is very much the truth.

Once, during a game of D&D Essentials, the characters were fighting a young dragon. Experience should encourage you to think we would stand no chance, but you’d be wrong. When the fight started, I was sure we were done for. The impending TPK was something I was completely ready for. Instead, we annihilated it, but not because of good rolls. No, we won because of crappy rules.

You might be confused by that, but really, that’s what happened. I had an attack that allowed me to knock an enemy prone. That’s it. No further explanation. No limitations. Nothing. The fact that I knocked a dragon prone was absolutely preposterous. Yet, it worked. As soon as it was done, the group piled on and slayed the beast. The DM was not pleased though. Not because we’d won, but because a level druid with a quarterstaff shouldn’t be knocking dragons prone. He’s right, but the rules-as-written said it was acceptable. We won. A totally ridiculous scenario made possible by shitty rules. Possibly one of the most ridiculous every to occur at the gaming table.






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