D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 8

Sadly, a lot of my early D&D characters ended up feeling like faceless props in the stories my friends and I made up. Often, the time it takes to really become attached to a character wasn’t available.  Essentially, the characters died or were retired.

Later on, however, I managed to create a bard for Pathfinder that I had quite a lot of fun with. He was a Gnome Bard named Gerbe. I played the characters as per the suggestions in the core rule book, and had a blast.

My players remembered some of my antics as well, and the character’s behavior took root. Rather than go with a slick, smooth-talking “face” for the group, I chose something else. I went with mischief and mayhem.

Gerbe played “jokes” on everyone. He framed people for starting bar fights. He stirred shit up everywhere he went, even going so far as to slam a door on a fellow adventurer in a dungeon, just because there was no light in the room. It was only after the fact that the room was discovered to be occupied by a displacer beast, but hey, you must have a sense of humor to make it to level 20, right?

At any rate, Gerbe has become one of my most endearing characters. I used him to make the sessions fun, and more than just hack and slash dungeon crawling. It was great, and I look forward to my next memorable PC.






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