D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 6

Today is the day we chat about god. Or gods. Because really, in a fantasy world, I’ve often found multiple religious incarnations more fun. It’s not that a monotheistic fantasy world is boring, rather, I just think having multiple gods simultaneously a more engaging way of discussing the world.

In real life, folklore and theology have presented numerous ways of regarding the world from a religious perspective. The difference is that they all fight to be the one true doctrine. In my game worlds, I assume that not only does everyone accept the existence of multiple gods, they don’t feel the need to squabble about it. However, not everyone worships all of them. This is the caveat. It’s a polytheism, but not a polytheistic obligation.

In my game worlds this seems to work well, and has never posed any problems for the people I’ve gamed with. However, there is a small additional reason I go this, and that is purely genre related. Fantasy means I can do whatever I want! So, I do.

Why not have a persistent world with multiple infinite beings, that are conscious of each other, but not threatened by one another? It’s fine to think that if something were truly infinite they wouldn’t be so petty as to need to have all the worshippers for themselves right? I mean, if they simply exist forever, its pretty easy to go this route.

This is path I like to take with my gaming. I think it’s a fun way of offering a non-confrontational means for having multiple gods. Many perspectives, lots of variety, a great chance for fun!






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