D&D 30 Day Challenge, Day 5

Today is about favorite dice or die. I don’t know that I have one. On some level I’d kind of like to have my first set of dice, but those are long gone. I have no idea where they went. So, I don’t know that I have favorites when it comes to my dice.

On some level, the d20 is really just an iconic little thing. So many games are based on it that they are referred to as “d20 systems” just because of that one die. It’s really quite incredible how iconic its become. Not just that its immediately recognized, but that it has become an icon of all tabletop role-playing. If you could pick one thing to represent that hobby, is there really anything else?

And that’s my opinion. A d20, but not becuase I really prefer it over other dice. No, the real answer is because it symbolizes the hobby itself. My love of gaming is represented by that die. It’s a no brainer for me. So many games are based on it as well, that it’s hard to think that there could be anything better to stand in for the best die.

My door prize might the 1d100. It’s a preposterous monstrosity. It rolls forever, but it does work. I had one when I was younger, but in retrospect I’d never buy it again. It’s just not a practical die. Nah, make it 2d10 for percentile, and d20 for best die.






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