D&D 30 Day Challenge Day 3, Favorite PC Class…

Fighter. I don’t know why. Often though, I like martial classes with few restrictions. Not because I want to desperately play a bruiser, but I like the freedom. Low barrier, low expectations. So much more of the game rests on me the player rather than the rules or anything else.

This is especially true as we get along further in levels. Eventually, magic tends to tip the scales away from non-magic users. At this point its fun to take stock in the idea that everyone loves an underdog. I know I do.

I also feel like a simple fighter emulates a narrative I love in fantasy role-playing games, the average person. So many other classes have always seemed like there needed to be some kind of calling or a special gift. In the case of a fighter, it’s totally plausible to think an average person just evolves into the role and slowly becomes a mighty hero.

This is an idea that has always appealed to me, going back to when I first started playing. The fighter has, at least to me, felt like character best suited to this role.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like the other classes. I do. I love rolling up characters and coming up with ideas for why they might exist, and what they might want to achieve. Any class is fair game. The most recent character I’ve put together is a rogue. A fighter doesn’t need to be the only way the average person develops into something more. It’s just one way, and one I have a long gaming history with.






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