30 days of D&D, Favorite PC Race

In RPGs, race can impact the games significantly, but I’m not talking about the players. I’m talking about the characters. Is there one preferred choice for race though?

For myself, I’m not sure. When I try out a game, or some aspect of a game, I often defer to human, or maybe half-elf. It’s not so much that I like these options best, but rather they often represent demographics in the games. Lots of games will have a general statement about the demographics of the game world. Often, humans will be the most wide-spread race. Taking that into consideration, I like to choose human. Is that my favorite though?

Half-elves are great options as well, and this is another race I choose often. In a series of Pathfinder games I was almost exclusively playing gnomes and halflings. Why? I don’t know, but it was fun. The most recent character I’ve got going is a tengu. In fact, it’s the first one I’ve ever played.

All this is to say that, I don’t really have a favorite race. Sometimes I feel like certain races lend themselves to specific classes, but it’s always fun to change it up. Right now I’m running a Pathfinder game and have someone playing a halfling ranger who has a favored enemy of vermin. Personally, I think this is brilliant. It changes things up, but in a way that makes so much sense. I love the concept.

And this is where I’ll wrap it up. I don’t have a favorite race. I play humans the most, but that’s not because I like them more than anything else. In the end, my favorite race is the one that best fits the character I’m trying to create. Right now, that’s a tengu, and that’s a great choice. Tomorrow it may very well be something different, and that’ll be a great choice as well.






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