D&D 30 day challenge

I’m going to take on the D&D 30 day challenge. Not because I feel like I need to place an obstacle before myself, but just to reflect on my own gaming. That is what these kinds of things are best for, right?

The above tweet is just a random selection from a search of the #dnd30daychallenge.

Rather than do this for the month of April, which is basically over, I’m going to do this for the month of May. We’ll call the this the #DnDmonthofmaychallenge. Why? Because I wanted a needlessly long hashtag, and because I missed this in April.

I like all these questions, and this is stuff I reflect on a lot anyway when I’m prepping game material. Being able to span it out in-depth for a month should be interesting. It’ll be a good excuse to look over some of my gaming material and help me focus my ideas.

Since I often find myself playing the teacher for RPGs, I like that I have an excuse to try to examine more closely things, like “Favorite Undead”. Usually when I write material, I just look for practical solutions to my gaming scenarios, but sometimes I feel like I could better. Taking on challenges like this one give me an excuse to do just that. It’s an excuse to read through the books in-depth. As soon as I saw some of these questions I was already mentally flipping through a Monstrous Manual. Looking forward to the entire challenge.







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