The GM Problem

In reality, the issue that there is a shortage of GMs. This has been a fairly static truth for as long as I’ve been gaming. No matter how many people come to the table to try their hands at TTRPGs, there are never enough people to run games.

In fact, now that I’ve got more experience, I can say that this is true in general. I’ve not done much in the way of Roll20 gaming, but I’ve played face-to-face games and play-by-post. No matter what, there are just not enough GMs for all the possible games.

I mean, to a certain extent, I get it. Learning a game is hard enough, but if you’re inexperience the whole thing can be quite daunting. Running a game, which is more work than playing no matter how experienced you are, can seem like an impossible task. Yet, someone needs to do it, or the game doesn’t happen.

For my part, I was always a little intimidated, but once I tried running a game, I loved it. I like creative writing, and I immediately saw where I could make use of story-telling. In fact, running games completely changed my perspective on gaming in general, as well as story-telling.

The answer is clear, YOU!, yes YOU! the reader need to help get more people behind the screen and running games. It’s not what it seems from the player side and its great fun. Give it a go!






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