The TTRPGMaker

At the moment, there is a voluntary gaming challenge going around for TTRPG workers to post their answers to questions. I’ve mostly only seen this on Twitter, but its intriguing to see the large numbers of people responding.

I for one, have never created RPG material. Not outside of my own games. Again, as with other RPG challenges, I’m happy to see people participating. It’s good to know who is out there, what they do, who they work with, and so on.

Sometimes when I look through a book, not all of the names carry weight, but challenges like this one help people get a bit more notoriety. I’m generally supportive of this one. I guess I really had no idea how many people really participate in creating games.

This challenge left me feeling a bit isolated though. It almost felt like a giant ad. On one hand, in a hobby as niche as table-top gaming, exposure is a big deal. For me though, who is mostly on the consumer side, I don’t know that I see this stuff, and am more compelled to purchase.

In my eyes, I feel like I’m looking at little interviews where people can read about each other. I guess my sticking point is that, I feel like it’s mostly for the people who have the creds to post. Since I don’t, I’m less likely to participate. My main takeaway is seeing the volume of people who post, and make these games possible. I take my hat off to all you for helping make the hobby what it is.






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