Expanding game content

While perusing the net today, I started wondering about the overall growth of the rpg industry. It might seem like an odd thing to consider, but I’ve seen a few articles talking about the year on year growth of the hobby-gaming industry. These articles range from positive to not-so-positive, but there is actually quite a bit out there.

A few points to consider are, there is an incredible amount of content being produced. Essentially, its reaching the point where playing it all is not only undesirable, it’s not even really possible. Sounds bad right? On one hand, it is. However, another side of it means that there is likely a constantly expanding variety of content to choose from. Not everyone will be interested in the same stuff. Even if no one could play it all, would you really want to?

A second point to consider is who is buying this stuff. I read recently that there has been a dramatic upswing in the 30+ crowd who want to have a quiet night, maybe a drink or two, with friends at home. This doesn’t surprise me at all. It also coincides well with the first point. The more content that is available, and more widely, then the more likely people will be able to pick this stuff up.

These are just a couple of developments that have come to light. There’s a third, the money made by people creating the games, but that is for another post. Also, I didn’t put any sources here. I promise I read informative things, but I didn’t save the links. When I read the articles I hadn’t planned on writing this blog post. Something to remember for the future.






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