There is no end to trying to find a stable group to game with. Sigh, but this is a problem for everyone. In the last week I had chatted with a couple of people about the difficulties of gaming as an adult. It’s interesting how, as a hobby, just organizing people can be such a problem.

Here we are though. I suffer from this myself. I had to remove myself from a static group entirely because life simply became too hectic. Recovering from this so that I can start playing with flesh and blood people again has become an issue.

As a hobby, this is something that plagues older gamers. I know loads of people who want to throw the dice for a good time, but just don’t have the chance. It’s a bit sad and frustrating, but family obligations and work often intrude. When push comes to shove, leisure time is often the victim. I think everyone wishes it wasn’t like this, but unfortunately, it is.

Is there a remedy? I have no idea. I can’t see how adult responsibility becomes less predictable, nor can I see where significant blocks of time can be cleared. I think most people deal with this at some point or another. Concerns like where to play, extended time away from the gaming table, how to manage kids are all factors for people struggling with regular gaming. I’d be happy to run a regular game in my home, but there’s no way my kids would quietly let me. There simply too little. Eventually this will change, but that is years away. If you’re an adult gamer, in some capacity, you deal with this stuff. Everyone does. I just don’t know that there’s a straightforward way to address it.






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