Typos and stuff

Part of the reason I write this blog is to practice writing. I love gaming. No question about that, but I had an ulterior motive. Muah ha ha! Not really maniacal, but this was also a test for myself. I wanted to be better and putting out copy, and doing it in a controlled manner.

Every post on this blog is about the same length. Every post has one very specific topic. Every post is written with minimal proofreading/editing.

With that last one you might say, “wut?” Its true though. I barely edit or proofread anything I post. Any one that has read more than one or two posts has probably internally commented on all my ugly little prose hiccups. They’re there.

I’m comfortable with that.

The thing is, professionally, its easy to want to write lengthy dissertations about topics you love. It’s much harder to write concise, pointed statements about something. This blog definitely aims at the latter. This kind of ability is a hallmark of quality writing.

Consider a newspaper columnist. These people have these jobs because they are good writers. As wordsmiths they can take a limited space, and develop powerful statements. Need more evidence of how profound tight prose can be? Consider Hemingway’s 6 word story.

“For sale. Baby shoes, never worn.”

That is a lot to digest in such a compact statement. The ability to prepare tight statements like a 6 word story are exactly what I’m after. Hence, this blog. Thank you for reading!






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