On learning a new game

At the moment, I’m in the process of learning a new game, Savage World. I’m stumbling through the core rule book with a very patient GM. However, as I play through the game I’ve noticed a single recurring issue, I don’t know what I don’t know.

This isn’t unique to Savage World, but I’m glad I noticed it. This is generally the case when something is brand new. Games in general have a lot of rules, and understanding how to get the most out of a system can take time.

With Savage Worlds, the game is, at least on the surface very simple. However, where I seem to be a bit list is on how the little extras operate that serve to make the game more cinematic. This is important because the dramatic, “rules-light” experience is what Savage Worlds pushes hard to achieve.

A the moment, I’m learning about how to use Wild Dice, and maybe to a lesser extent “Bennies.” Both are important for me because I eventually want to run the Savage Worlds version of the Palladium game, Rifts. Since Rifts is a completely over the top system, having a good handle on it is important for me, especially maximizing the big cinematic feel. (I mean c’mon, the game boats blowing up buildings to expose enemies as a legit strategy.)

All in all the game is fun, but the more I get to know it, the greater I can appreciate its flexibility. I look forward to making further use of the system and have been kicking around pickup up the Fantasy Companion, since that’s what I run most anyway.







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