Inspiration with abandon

Recently I’ve found myself sort of fascinated by photos of abandoned places. It doesn’t really matter what the location was, or was used for, just that it is now abandoned. Its like a conclusion, but the story is a mystery.

For gaming this kind of thing is great. The idea of traipsing about ancient ruins has a place in the stories of many game sessions. Using actual photographs can really enhance. Even if the images don’t get used in the session, they can be a great way to prep material.

The amount and kinds of structures around the world that are no longer inhabited are quite staggering. Churches, houses, asylums, athletic facilities, and so on. The list is quite extensive.

These photos can be found all over the net. Simple keyword searches for “Abandoned places” should yield a fair amount of material Then it’s just a matter of browsing a cornucopia of stuff-most of which could be inserted into literally any post-apocalyptic setting.  (Or any other game for that matter.)

The reason I like this so much is that, its easy to use the physical structure to lay a story on top of. What really happened isn’t important. What matters is that something did happen, and it is unknown. This leaves essentially infinite possibilities for gaming.

Don’t take my word for it. Go out and look up these pictures! There’s amazing sets waiting to be folded into your next great story. Do some browsing and have fun!






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