A fictional game space

Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about setting.  In game terms, I think this might be more the world a game might be contained in. Semantics aside, this has been something I’ve thought about a fair bit recently.

The reason stems from a desire to run a game, but on terms I think would make the game interesting. For example, where are the cities, and how are their populations composed? Who lives in these places? What kinds of features could be unique to this world? How would that impact people’s lives for better or worse?

Oddly enough none of these thoughts have anything to do with mechanics. This is absolutely a secondary concern, so whatever I come up with, maybe it should be system agnostic. Referencing various supplemental material is fairly easy to do, so it should be entirely possible to create something versatile.

There is no one answer for this, and a lot of people have tried their hand at creating things along these same lines. I feel like I could do the same. Recently, I even found some books in a bundle I purchased that could be very worthwhile. In particular is the Kobold Guide to World building. Paizo’s Game Mastery Guide, as well as the Ultimate Campaign book are two more such resources. Then of course, is the library. Everything I could want is available for free, or has already been purchased.

To the desk! To write! And to create something for my players (and for myself!).






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