Back in the mix

I had to take a little time off the blog because my personal/professional life somehow managed to blend. This is something like crossing the streams in Ghsotbusters. “Very bad things” happen when you mingle two different polarities, and that’s what happened. In my case, time ceased to exist, and there was only work. It wasn’t fun.

Now, however, I am back in the mix, and ready to write. Today is April 1st, and it marks the next portion of #RPGaMonth. I was leaning towards Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign. This is a book I’ve never really read cover to cover, but the parts of it that I have read are excellent. It is, in fact, one of my favorite resources to refer people to read. This is the problem though. I feel like it isn’t really in line with the #RPGaMonth idea. Rather, this is something that I should have ready, but maybe shouldn’t use for the current challenge.

With that in mind, another Pathfinder book on the list for me is Ultimate Combat. I’ve never really read this book, but I’ve always been curious because of the variant rules contained in it. In particular, different ways of handling Armor Class and/or damage. I think this is interesting because it is something that has been a sort of aesthetic problem in a lot of games. The armor class system makes no sense. However, in this book, Pathfinder offers an alternative to make it work differently. I’m all for it, and it’s enough to get me to want to look through the book.






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