RPGaMonth has friends

Since starting this RPG blog, I’ve found a couple RPG-centric game ideas. There is the “month of RPG”, and “Read an RPG in public” challenge. I like that both of these exist, although I’m not really making it a point to participate in either one.

The month of RPG is fun because it asks that people respond to a series of RPG related questions. Nothing is to in-depth, but it does ask that you stop and think about a lot of what you’re answering. Questions like, “What game would like to be playing most?” I know the answer for myself, 13th Age, but it’s not the same for everyone. Because this stuff pops up in social media, the responses are searchable, as well as worth the read. These kinds of things are interesting to me, because it’s a way to learn more about a hobby I already enjoy immersing myself in.

The second challenge, reading RPG in public is very interesting. The people behind this want to raise the profile of RPGs, and so have set up a challenge to get people to read them in public. I’m all for this, although I haven’t done it. Mostly just because the stuff I read on my commutes tends to be fiction, or is an RPG product in a PDF file. However, I think helping to promote the hobby is a good idea. People should be reading the books in public. Why not? A book is a book, and this hobby needs to shed its stigma.

All in all, I think these challenges are good because they help the hobby grow. Seeing stuff like this tells me that people want to talk about, and interact not just with the games, but with other gamers. I hope to see this trend grow as the hobby does.






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