Nerd rage is for the birds. It’s a pointless phenomenon. I see a lot of it being tossed around right now because of the upcoming Pathfinder 2nd Edition.  It is common, but oh, so much petty bickering.

See, I believe edition changes are a part of the hobby. No game is perfect, and the people who design them know this. Thus, every so often enough rules errata builds up and the game can be re-born, as it should be. People see the frayed edges, and know the game to need tinkering.

As Jason Buhlman, Pathfinder’s lead designer put it, cumbersome rules are cumbersome no matter how well you know them. (Paraphrased). He’s absolutely right. He’s being sympathetic to complaints people have made about Pathfinder’s rules.

Where I always end up frustrated is having to sort out the angst about different editions. Like honestly, who gives a shit? If you like a game, play the damn game. You’re not obligated to buy into something just because it’s new.

I like nWoD, but not the 2nd Edition of it. I like the 1st edition better, but it’s for completely philosophical reasons. It has nothing to do with the mechanics, or being too complex/not complex enough. Yet, my opinion is my own. The 2nd Edition of WoD was well-received when it was released, and why not? I’m sure it’s a lot of fun.

I’m not the measuring stick by which to judge attitudes towards one edition as opposed to another one. I’m just posting this to show that there can be reasons for not liking an edition of a game, without the stupid flame wars (do people even use that term anymore?) on message boards about the quality of a TTRPG. ok, rant over. Go forth and be merry.






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