I’m reading through OSRIC, and will not finish by the end of the month. Know what? I don’t care. I find myself totally underwhelmed by the book. As far as actual play is concerned I’m having fun taking inspiration from re-discovered ideas, but I have really no desire to play the. At all. At no point while I’ve been reading the book have I stopped and said to myself, “You know, I need to get a group together to play this system.” Not once.

Furthermore, there aren’t fewer rules in this game than in others. Anyone who thinks back to early editions of D&D as a kinder, simpler way  to game is simply deluding themselves. It’s not. There all kinds of little tweaks, extra considerations, and special adjustments that need to be throughout the book.

Its been a gratifying experience, but I feel like nothing in the book offers much in the way of an innovative gaming experience. It really does just help people play a game they’d already been playing.

I have nothing against older systems, nor enjoy pitting one edition against another. Play what you like, that’s my motto. For me, reading through this book has simply not been an enlightening experience. I’ve learned some, but I understand even less the retaliation against the evolution of gaming. Maybe I just started gaming late. Who knows. At any rate, OSRIC is a complete game system, and offers a robust experience. It’s a rule-system that has aged so well people re-created so they could bypass copyright laws. Honestly, even if I didn’t care for it, this really does speak well of the game. Give it a try if you’re so inclined.






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