Gaming options for people who can’t meet up

There are multiple ways games can be played. While the ttrpg hobby started out as a thing to do with friends around a kitchen table, things have changed.  Not just because technology has given people new ways to interact, but games themselves have innovated.

First, there is Play-by-Post. (I actually use this option, and it fits my busy schedule.) This is where people meet up on, what is basically a message board, and post games over long periods of time.  This is probably the perfect option for people with really busy schedules, and not a lot of time for live gaming sessions.

Second, there is the virtual option with things like Roll20. This is basically a conference call around a gaming table. It’s a cool option and one technology enabled. You still need to have that block of time free, but you don’t actually need to be around the table with people. Great for people with the time, but not the mobility. Overall, just a cool evolution for gaming.

Third, gaming innovation has explicitly tried to address people not being able to play games. This has come in two forms. The first of these is that games have been written for people to play solo. This tried early on in the hobby, but it’s something that has only grown over time. Its a fun idea, but I always feel like it would be like playing chess by yourself. Second, Monte Cook actually tried creating a game that was based on the idea of people not all being at the table at the same time. Again, this makes use of technology, and in this case mobile technology. I’m not really sure how this would work, but its quite interesting.

There is technically a fourth option, which is the rise of solo play card games that re-create ttrpg material. I’ve tinkered with stuff Paizo has put out, and its fun. Its like RPG solitaire, but not really all that much like an actual RPG.

So there you go, multiple options that help people participate in table-top gaming. There is no best option, and so there is great stuff to choose from. Game on!






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