Ah, the fun of table-top RPG. Kicking in doors, marauding evil orcs, and searching the bodies for loot. A healthy wholesome game. The reality is that the game can’t, or probably shouldn’t, be all epic brawls. That would get boring, right?

No, every game should have downtime. This is what happens between ooze filled dungeons, orc castles, and haunted mansions. You’re character probably isn’t just a face puncher, and adding this kind of depth to a game is extremely important.

What do the characters do when they aren’t on an adventure? This kind of thing doesn’t need to be drawn out with lots of roles, but it should always be present. This the kind of thing that will make not only your characters stand out, but also, the campaign. Personally, I love the idea of creating a network of spies, or owning a shop. This makes the games more interesting.

It also creates in-game options, like having a headquarters, or allowing characters to create unique items that exist in the game world. The possibilities are vast.

Ultimately, down time can enhance a game quite significantly. As long as it doesn’t become too drawn out, then it is something that should add extra flavor to any game. I fully endorse people using downtime to push the game to new levels of depth. I’ve tried this myself and wasn’t disappointed.






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