Why game?

Is there a purpose to gaming? Why do it all? It can be such an investment in time and energy that it seems an odd thing to pursue. Not really, though. At least not more than any other hobby.

In my opinion, gaming gets me away from a screen. Sitting around a table with a group of people, sorting through the various problems encountered in the game, and creating something together is a great feeling. Add in a few jokes and you’ve got something that can be memorable.

Being unplugged is really important as well. As more and more things go digital, including this very hobby, the idea that you can do something without a screen, and in it’s entirety, is a wonderful thing.

As the late Stewart Wieck said, “ours is a wonderful hobby.” I agree, completely. It is a wonderful hobby. Its a creative outlet. Its a chance to make up the stories I’d otherwise be reading myself. I feel empowered playing through the game, as well as running them.

Its not expensive. Honestly, playing an RPG requires one or two books, and that’s about it. The rest is on the people making the thing happen. Just one purchase, and you’re off.

It’s hard to see drawbacks of a social hobby, that doesn’t require batteries/electricity, is played with other people, and not expensive. Add-in being a creative outlet, and you’ve got  a real winner. So, why game? For all of the reasons stated.

See you at the table!






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