Sometimes I forget what year it is

Because, while today was supposed to be my first post for the 2nd round of #RPGaMonth, I feel the need to chat about something I heard at work today.


A little context first, I work in public schools, and one of the schools I work in is an elementary school for children with emotional/behavioral issues. One of the teachers there is a fan of D&D, and has introduced it to his class. I think that’s awesome, and he’s doing it for all the right reasons. Teaching people to think collectively, teaching them narrative, and giving them a creative outlet. All of these are great things, and I encourage these kinds of efforts.

Sadly, at the end of the day I head two of our co-workers speaking, and one of them referred to D&D as a sort of “pagan thing” because of the presence of pantheons of gods, magic, and what not. He continued by saying the game “would make you gothic”.


The guy that said this is about 35 years too late to the moral panic party. Still, I was a bit dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe someone could be so ignorant and judgmental. Not just of D&D, but of people who play it. How is it possible that people have clung to the idea that D&D will somehow corrupt you? I thought this had been phased out of the 80’s like Ronald Reagan or the Cold War. Guess I was wrong. Disappointed to hear it from one of my co-workers.

No matter, games are for everyone, and maybe one day my judgmental colleague will jon us at the table. Until then, we keep calm and roll for initiative. #RPGaMonth returns tomorrow.





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