End of round 1


Not really, but the first month of #RPGaMonth comes to a close. Its been a fun start and I’m glad I’m doing this. Its been a way to share my interest in gaming, and a great excuse to finally get around to reading stuff that’s been waiting for me.

However, one thing I’ll likely do is not post exclusively based on the genre I’m reading about. I found it a bit too constricting and so the blogging from here on out will be a bit more free-wheeling.

My next selection is an .epub of OSRIC. It’s a sort of reference manual for Old-School Renaissance (OSR) gaming. I expect this to be a bit dry, but very meaty. It’s also fantasy, which is a genre I’m admittedly more familiar with that

The only problem currently is that I’m conflicted about whether or not to proceed. I have other stuff that I think would be a great addition to the effort. For example, I’ve got some Pathfinder material that is a fairly tempting alternative. Also, I play Pathfinder much more than I do any OSR gaming.

Can’t do it all though can we? I think there’s no wrong option here, and regardless of the direction I go, I have good stuff to read. The only bad part about taking on this challenge is that I really want to play games now. Life is hard.





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