Other options in sci-fi

I’ve spoken heavily about space opera over the last couple of weeks, but there was good reason for that. My first entry for #RPGaMotth was a space opera game. I had wanted the subsequent blog posts to reflect what I had read to compliment that one text. Later in the year I intend to read other variations on sci-fi, and so when I do I’ll blog the same way as I did for Hunt the Wicked.

One of the other games I plan to read is Iron Kingdoms, which is steam punk. The game is decidedly different from Hunt the Wicked and will be much more  blend of science-fiction and fantasy. I’m looking forward to it, but for reasons of simplicity for organization I stayed away from discussing too much any other genre, or sub-genre.

One variation on science fiction I haven’t really explored at all is anything that takes place in the “here and now”. My first thought for a topic like this would be something like Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. That book took place in present day and was hard sci-fi. I had even heard an interview with a paleontologist that said that when Jurassic Park had been published, the science it was based on was good science. The idea of blending frog DNA with dinosaur DNA has largely been abandoned, but its fun to consider the possibilities. Fortunately for all of us, Crichton did. My point though is that there are other avenues to science-fiction I just haven’t been talking about, but may hit on later.






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