A third, and final, installment of reading in space

Truth be told, science fiction loves a trilogy, and so following that route I’m posting a third installment of “reading in space”. Previously I presented novels and public domain works. In this case, I’ll be presenting several film examples of space opera. After the leap from radio and print, space opera has actually enjoyed significant success on film.

I won’t dwell on the big two in this case, Star Wars and Star Trek. Both are a titanic presence in the realm of space opera, but there have been other noteworthy examples of what the sub-genre can depict. The three I present here are only three well-known examples.


Battlestar Galactica – A tv show that was a cult classic, and then resurrected only to garner fantastic critical reviews. It’s hard to know exactly what this show purported to be, but it touched a lot of different veins, and has been an enduring presence in science fiction. If you want something that isn’t one of the Big Two, I heartily suggest this show. Either the older version from the 1970’s or the newer version from the early 2000’s. It’s endured for positive reasons and is worth your time.


Babylon 5 – This was a TV show that lasted 5 years. Five glorious years. I loved this show, and suggest it to anyone that wants to see a little more space opera television. It was creative, it had flawed characters, great political angles, and was just a great time. The show focused on life in space station entitled, wait for it…Babylon 5. I’m not going to ramble on this one, but the show carried a variety of dimension, and had strong characters that really helped it stand out. Definitely something to look into.


Firefly – This show lasted just one year, but what a year. It was the spawn of Joss Whedon, and has become something of a cult classic. The show lingers, even though there was only just a handful of episodes. If you feel the need to binge-watch something, then this might be the thing. The show has a sort of “pioneer” spirit to the space exploration component, and was only 14 episodes. I have to admit, the bravado on display in this short-lived sci-fi romp was well-conceived. I think over time this is going to be something that is resurrected, but for now, the one season that does exist is good fun.


There are other shows and, and I didn’t even touch on films. However, the three here are absolutely quality entries into the world of space opera sci-fi. If you feel like watching something rather than reading, then these are great places to invest your time.





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