Adding to a core system

One of the things that struck me while reading the core rule book for Hunt the Wicked has been that there is a lot of room for supplemental material. Specifically, in terms of settings. The core book does a great job of laying out a general world in which the players will find their characters, but very little is developed. This offers a considerable amount of creative of freedom to the people involved in the game. This is both good and bad though.

On one hand, the game is their to be created. All that exists in the core rule book is the few sentences for the different aspects of the game. A few lines about this planet or asteroid belt, that bit of technology, and that’s it. The game is wide open, and from a creative standpoint that’s pretty outstanding.

On the other hand, this leaves a lot of work for the GM. Nothing actually exists in the game beyond the few lines in the core rule book. While world-building for RPGs is generally a lot of fun, it is ALWAYS a lot of work. For people who may be strapped for time this can be problematic.

This is neither here nor there as far as the quality of the game. Its more an observation on what is contained in the core rule book. Over time I would expect more of this material to be produced, and the world of Hunt the Wicked to expand.As it stands currently, the system if just you, your group, and one book. Kind of old school, and for people who prefer it that way, then its the way it should be.





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