Hunt the Wicked

For my first read for the #RPGaMonth challenge, I’ve decided to take on the space opera RPG of Hunt the Wicked. Despite it’s popularity in literature, science fiction often seems like a marginal genre for role-playing games. This is almost certainly the case next to the juggernaut that is fantasy role-playing. However, sci-fi offers all kinds of fun possibilities not available in fantasy settings, and the description of Ben Dutter’s Hunt the Wicked immediately attracted me.


Three sentient species live under the terrifying rule of the Archon – an incomprehensibly powerful organism capable of consuming stars. All civilizations that have expanded beyond their system must face the Great Filter’s crucible, and be judged. Only three have been deemed fit to avoid extinction.

Centuries after the formation of the Unified Vassals of the Archon, these three species explore and colonize the stars beneath the watchful, silent observance of their living God. You are a Bounty Hunter, sworn to hunt the wicked, keep the peace, and prevent the ire and retribution of your peoples’ master.”

The above description is taken from Sigil Stone Publishing’s website. What I like about this is the fact that the game concept is very straightforward. This is interesting because, I like the option of having games in my library that I don’t necessarily expect to play for years. Honestly, not everything needs to be an epic campaign. As game with what appears to be a limited scope, Hunt the Wicked fits this perfectly. I could very easily see myself running this game in-between larger campaigns, and having a hell of a  lot of fun chasing down the baddies. This game really feels like a way to play something like Star Wars, but without the Force, and that’s actually kind of badass. Bobba Fett as the hero and protagonist? That has all kinds of potentional.

Another aspect of the game that intrigued me was the fact that it is a sci-fi RPG. I don’t have anywhere near the experience with sci-fi as I do with fantasy. Hunt the Wicked, at least on the surface has the appearance of being a great way to vary my gaming diet.

Thus far, I am about 15% into the full text according to my e-reader (the game is downloadable as an .epub, which is a nice alternative to a PDF). Everything so far presented is interesting and lends itself to great possibilities for confrontation and exploration. I’ll offer critique as the month progresses, but so far, the game looks like it could be a lot of fun.





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