A year of RPG

This year, I’ll be participating in “RPG a Month”. This is where people read through stuff they have in their RPG collection, but that that they just haven’t taken the time to get to yet. I first learned about this from a blogger named Moe Tousignant. I imagine this challenge is not something he invented, however at the moment I’m not sure where the idea originated. Regardless of how it started, I like the idea, and I’m certainly guilty of having material in my collection that I haven’t read. My tentative schedule will look as follows:


January – Hunt the Wicked

February – OSRIC

March – Beyond the Wall

April – Ultimate Combat for Pathfinder

May – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Rule Book 2nd Edition

June – Iron Kingdoms Core Rule Book

July – Labyrinth Lord

August – Fantasy Age Core Rule Book

September – Adventures in East Mark

October – Stars Without Numbers (Free Edition with No Art)

November – Orpheus

December – Dungeon Master Guide for AD&D 2nd Edition


This list bears some potential editing. For example, several years ago(!) I backed the Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Kickstarer. This hasn’t been fulfilled yet so I may go ahead and make space for this in my list of things to read this year. I’m looking forward to this challenge and I’ll be posting on it as the year progresses.







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