About Pulp Culture Museum

Greetings, friends!

I am a fan of table-top role-playing games, and this site is is dedicated to the object of that affection. To me this is not a “nerd” or “geek” thing, it’s just a thing, but a thing that has grown to be a large part of my life over the years. The more time I commit to my hobby, the more time I spend thinking about it.  All those thoughts need an outlet, so I have created this site.

As a person who often finds himself running the game, this site seems to me to be the next logical step. I spend an increasing number of hours teaching people games and introducing them to the hobby. This is absolutely a role I’m all too happy to take on, and now I feel like I need to expand on this guidance. Hence, the creation of this site.

Throughout the duration of Pulp Culture Museum’s existence, I will endeavor to scour the annals of one of my favorite past-times and curate a gallery of sorts. Games, books, people, art, music, news, and whatever else I can find in that famed bottomless sac will have a place here. Postings will be regular and focus on all aspects of gaming. The hobby has evolved significantly over the last 40+ years, and it is much more available to modern gamers. So much that things slip through the cracks of time, and disappear into the abyss. In the game world, only the bravest heroes would seek out that arcane knowledge, probably for a steep price, and likely risking their lives. In the real world, we have libraries, archives, museums, and all manner of cultural heritage organizations. As a card-carrying professional for the latter group of institutions, I offer my skills to an industry that for me has become a labor of love. Hopefully, what you find here you enjoy as much as I have.

See you at the game,






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